Using Glaplace component in PSPICE for frequency controlled resistor...


Chengju Yu

Hello everyone,
To model a frequency-controlled resistor, I used the method including a non-linear laplace form voltage control current source \"GLaplace\", that some websites and engineerings suggested.
I tried with a simple equation, R=1+f, when I do the AC sweep study in the PSPICE, the model works fine as I attached figure as AC sweep, the resistance changes from 1 to 101 ohms when frequency changing from 1 to 100 Hz. And the voltage crossing that model is consistent with concept. In AC sweep simulation, that model is working ok.
However when I simulate that in transient simulation with a simple 100Hz sin wave, the resistance response of model is very inaccurate (the value is far away from R=1+100=101 ohms).
So I am not sure if those Glaplace model could be used in the transient simulation.
Did anyone know any information related to that?
Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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