Passing multiple parameters to a procedure...



I generate a set of entry widgets & checkboxes as below:

## Labels & Entry for MultiBlock Rows 1 to 10
## Grid placement for all the rows
for {set xxx 0} {$xxx < 10} {incr xxx} {

label $f4a.lb_TIM_$xxx -text \"Time\" -font {Arial 8 bold} -background white -foreground black
label $f4a.lb_SPC_$xxx -text \" \" -font {Arial 8 bold}
entry $f4a.enMINS_$xxx -textvar MB_mins_$xxx -width 2 -validate all -vcmd {ValidInt %P}
entry $f4a.enSECS_$xxx -textvar MB_secs_$xxx -width 2 -validate all -vcmd {ValidInt %P}
entry $f4a.enPWR_$xxx -textvar MB_power_$xxx -width 3 -validate all -vcmd {ValidInt %P}
entry $f4a.enCAD_$xxx -textvar MB_cad_$xxx -width 3 -validate all -vcmd {ValidInt %P}
checkbutton $f4a.cbSEL_$xxx -var MB_sel_$xxx -background white -foreground red

grid $f4a.lb_TIM_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 0
grid $f4a.enMINS_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 1
grid $f4a.lb_SPC_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 2
grid $f4a.enSECS_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 3
grid $f4a.enPWR_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 4
grid $f4a.enCAD_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 5
grid $f4a.cbSEL_$xxx -row [expr $xxx + 1] -column 6

All that works fine, generating 10 rows each with 4 entries & a checkbox, so 50 data points.
I cannot see to pass all that info to the procedure that works on the data except to pass all 50 individually, which is not great & pretty inelegant!

Is there a nice clean way to pass the data to the proc?

TIA, Kev P.

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