Foundation 1.3/XactStep 6 dongles and licensing...



I need to generate a programming file for an older XC7300 series chip using an existing Abel and/or PLD file.
As far I know, only XactStep 6 and Foundation 1.3 supported those chips as Foundation 1.4 doesn\'t have options for them any more.
I have hardware dongles for the software but no license file so a couple of questions :).
1) Do the hardware dongles still require a LICENSE.DAT file? I know those are impossible to get any longer so I was hoping the hardware dongle would be all I need.
2) Does the dongle need to be in place before the software is installed or can it be inserted after?
3) Is there a way to see what feature set the dongle is used for? I have several of them and not sure which one to use.
Thanks for any help.

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