AAA NiMH Battery Pack Replacement...


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For a relative I recently fixed one of these walkie talkies which
wasn\'t transmitting (it was just a microphone fault):

The batteries are getting weak. They accept regular AAAs, but the
charging cradle requires the original battery pack with metal
charging contacts at the back:

Jaycar aren\'t selling them anymore except from stores with
remaining stock (none nearby). The packs are clearly just three
AAAs stuck together, but the compartment that they go into is tight
so rebuilding the pack neatly enough that they fit back in would be
an awkward job.

Are packs like this for sale somewhere on the web? I had a look on
Ebay buy couldn\'t find any with the charging contacts in the same
place. I haven\'t got any model number to go from, so it\'s a bit

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